1) инерция движения, импульс, кинетическая энергия

gather/gain momentum — набирать силу/темп

2) динамика (но в основном перевод зависит от контекста)

1. In the U.S. the $103 billion-a-year industry is slowing down, and McDonald's is feeling the loss of momentum hardest (Time).

2. The music not only lacks passion; it even lacks momentum of any sort (Winthrop Sargent).

3. "There has been a large volume of donations," said... an executive at the law firm handling the fund. (She) said the momentum was such that she would give a briefing to the press every morning this week (New York Times). — ...поток пожертвований столь велик, что…

4. The momentum was clearly all in the direction of further increases (in troop numbers). — Все толкало к дальнейшему наращиванию численности войск.

5. With momentum building at the Justice department for the appointment of a new independent counsel to investigate Vice-President Al Gore's campaign funding practices, Mr. Gore has hired two former Watergate prosecutors to head off such a move (New York Times). — (Здесь возможен контекстуальный вариант "возрастающая вероятность").

6. The President and his representatives trumpeted their support for (the International Criminal Court), contributing to their court's momentum and suggesting that in the end the U.S. would grudgingly sign on (Wall Street Journal). — Президент и его представители всячески афишировали свою поддержку идеи международного уголовного суда, помогая ей завоевывать все более прочные позиции и по существу давая понять, что в конце концов США подпишут соглашение.

The English annotation is below. (English-Russian). 2003.

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